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The Anchor Packaging System

Saving our Planet one Box at a Time

When you package a product, you have to make sure that your product arrives at your customers door in perfect shape. The usually way to make sure this happens is to add "void fill" to your box to take up the free space so that the item does not move very much and get damaged. But we all know that this does not always work and adds a great deal of cost to your package. It also creates a lot of environmental pollution.

The Anchor Packaging System changes all of this! Your product is "Anchored" to the bottom of the box. No void fill is required. We use a proprietary adhesive that is safe for the environment that secures your product and keeps it safe. This saves all of the hassle of adding Styrofoam peanuts, plastic air pillows, extra paper, etc.. to your packaging. Everything used in The Anchor Packaging System can be reused or recycled! 

This is a video of The Anchor Packaging System being used for glass bottles. There are 6 glass bottles in the shipper. Each bottle holds 16 fluid ounces. The total weight of the box is 11.43 lbs. As indicated in the video, we are dropping the shipper from 6 feet! Contact IDCI today so that we can bring The Anchor Packaging System to your plant and help you save packaging cost.

Standardized Packaging - Know your TRUE Cost

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Real World examples of The Anchor Packaging System

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Frustration Free E-Commerce Packaging and Sustainable Packaging Solutions as seen in Packaging World

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How many times have you been excited to receive a package in the mail only to be disappointed by the size of the box and all of the extra packaging that was stuffed into the box? And now YOU are expected to dispose of all of this material!? And even with all of the air pillows, shredded paper, peanuts, or whatever they decided to throw into the box that day, the product you ordered was STILL DAMAGED! The Anchor Packaging System solves this problem. We Anchor your product to the bottom of the box. This assures that your product will not move during transit and because the box is slightly larger than your product, any stress or shock will not be transferred to your product. So you receive your product in great shape without all of the extra material to throw away. Call us and we will come to you facility and do a packaging analysis. We can show you how The Anchor Packaging System can save your company money on void fill, but more importantly, help you with customer satisfaction.

This is Amazon's new E-Commerce "Frustration Free" Tier System

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The Anchor Packaging System can get your E-Commerce packaging certified to be a "Top Tier" or "Frustration Free" package under the new packaging guidelines by Amazon. But we believe that all E-Commerce shippers will eventually develop their own guidelines to help make all E-Commerce packaging more environmentally friendly and reduce waste.

Standardized Packaging - Know your TRUE Cost

  • The Anchor Packaging System eliminates void fillers for your packaging

  • The Anchor Packaging System eliminates line worker errors when the product is packaged - no more over packaging and under packaging

  • The Anchor Packaging System secures your product the same way every time

  • The Anchor Packaging System can be fully Automated saving you money on packaging labor

  • the Anchor Packaging System can also be a manual system for small or medium size operations

  • The Anchor Packaging System is 100% Recyclable

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The Anchor Packaging System is 100% recyclable and 100% Bio-Degradable! The Anchor Packaging System is our solution against the pollution of our environment.

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The Anchor Packaging System will save your company money, and give your customers a great experience when they open the package. No more excess waste to throw away and no more mess. Nothing but a clean and environmentally sound package. Your customers will know that your company cares about them and the environment when they open your package!

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The Anchor Packaging System will protect your product from the hazards encountered during shipping. E-Commerce shipping boxes are handled 3 to 4 times more than conventional shipping. This means that your package is exposed to the environment and shipping hazards not encountered by conventional shipping. Shipping shock is not transferred to your product because there is a "buffer zone" around your product. And damage that would normally occur is minimized or even eliminated because of this buffer zone.

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