About Innovative Design Concepts, Inc.

Innovative Design Concepts, Inc. is a corrugated design company that specializes in creating packaging solutions for business and industry. IDCI designs and creates packaging products that will improve production while reducing labor and material costs. These creative innovations make the work force safer and healthier.  These products are marketed through converters, which have the license to produce through IDCI, that manufacture the product designs for the customers directly. If you are interested in obtaining a license to manufacture these products, call us today!

IDCI is located in Dover, Arkansas. We have knowledge and experience to help your company with any packaging problem you may have. IDCI designs and creates package solutions that will best fit the way your company operates. IDCI designs and creates package solutions that will save you money.

Environment & Sustainability

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Innovative Design Concepts, Inc. do not manufacture corrugated packaging. We design and create packaging solutions. We have converting companies that have the license to manufacture and sell our products to their market. This allows IDCI to focus on what you need as a business and to make sure your packaging needs are fulfilled in the best way possible.

Every product that IDCI designs and creates is manufactured with corrugated board. We use corrugated board because this material is the best material for packaging most products and the most beneficial to the environment.