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The Anchor Packaging System

This is a video of The Anchor Packaging System being used for glass bottles. There are 6 glass bottles in the shipper. Each bottle holds 16 fluid ounces. The total weight of the box is 11.43 lbs. As indicated in the video, we are dropping the shipper from 6 feet! Contact IDCI today so that we can bring The Anchor Packaging System to your plant and help you save packaging cost. 

Sustainability without Compromise

eCommerce Packaging
eCommerce packaging solution
Environmentally friendly bulk bin
corrugated pallet tray
Egg Protector corrugated pallet
corrugated pallet box
corrugated watermelon bulk bin
Ready Seafood lobster box
Poultry ice pack box
poultry ice pack box
poultry ice pack box with lid
Ice Pak with Post
Ice Pak with No Post
corrugated tray
corrugated tray
self lock RSC
self lock RSC
six sided bulk bin
corrugated pallet
8 sided bulk bin
corrugated pallet
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Innovative Design Concepts, Inc. is here for you when you require professional packaging for your business. IDCI can design a package that can meet and exceed all testing, regulation, and shipping requirements. Just click on one of the packages below to get more information.

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InstaBin Line of Bulk Bins

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Corrugated Pallet Designs
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Egg Protector Corrugated Pallet and 30 Dozen Box

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Perma-Lock Watermelon Bin

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Innovative Design Concepts, Inc. is a corrugated design company that specializes in creating packaging solutions for business and industry. IDCI has a line of Bulk Bins and corrugated pallets that are superior in cost and performance to what the market has to offer today. These products are marketed through converters, which have the license to produce through IDCI, that manufacture the product designs for the customers directly. If you are interested in obtaining a license to manufacture these products, call us today!